Euromesh offers a choice of services and technology that range from consultancy, package contracting, through to extensive separator revamping / retrofitting or to the supply of complete, new-build separation equipment.

The unique feature of Euromesh is that its equipment and knowledge comes from its engineers extensive background in production facilities troubleshooting, de-bottlenecking and revamping. This gives an unrivalled capability to provide a realistic design along with the capability to assess future abilities with our ‘whole life concept’. Our knowledge and internal’s range allows us to supply equipment on applications for onshore and offshore static platforms together with those specifically developed for refineries, semi-submersibles, TLP’s & FPSO’s. The aforementioned allows Euromesh to play a predominant role in revamping of existing equipment and in the design of new separators and similar equipment.

Revamping, De-bottlenecking and Troubleshooting of separation equipment

We work in the field of Oil & Gas primary process production technology, offering a wide range of services and new technology to clients.
This approach provides a multi-disciplinary resource that can act as an extension to the client’s production team. With our central strengths in fluid dynamics, engineering, and revamping, we can provide a rapid and flexible response from small, specialised assignments through to larger turnkey projects. A full range of technical services can be supplied, extending from the modelling and visualisation of fluid flows either physically (PFV) or by means of computational fluid dynamics (CFD), process design engineering, and the supply of proprietary internals.
From the vast experience gained in the areas of troubleshooting and revamping, Euromesh is able to assist in a wide range of separation and produced water problems. The key aims include, but are not limited to

  • Facility de-bottlenecking and/or production increases.
  • Managing higher water cuts
  • Increasing separation efficiency.
  • Platform longevity.
  • Reducing Opex (Operating Expenditure).
  • Maximizing field utilization impact of tiebacks on existing facilities.
  • Improving platform water discharge and injection performance.

The company has a strong belief that the client should be closely involved in the initial specification process and nowhere is this more necessary than where existing equipment is to be modified. Therefore, initial proposals based upon the information supplied by the customer, using a carefully designed technical questionnaire, may be modified in the light of subsequent discussions with the client, before the final solution is found.

Supply of New Separation Equipment

Euromesh as member of the Zeta Group have expanded his separation technology, capability and industry presence into the ‘new build’ market. Furthermore, we are able to supply separators, vessels and internals by three different routes, according to the needs of the customer. These are:-

  • Supply of designed Process internals and mist eliminators
  • Supply of design solutions to a fabricator or contractor, who will then provide the complete engineered solution to the end-user.
  • Design and supply of the complete vessel, manufactured by an approved vessel fabricator, which includes our process internal components.

The above approaches have been used and successfully implemented for numerous of projects, for major oil & gas companies e.g. Chevron, Statoil, Shell, BP, Texaco, Total, BHP, Maersk, and many others.

These and similar projects have given Euromesh considerable experience in the design, manufacture and supply of customised separation equipment. We believe that our experience, flexibility and ability to adopt alternative methods of solution according to the requirements of the customer, must make Euromesh an attractive option.